How to dress for the job you want to have

So I’m rounding up my second year of college and internships are running through my mind. Where should I apply? Do I even have a chance there? What happens once I’m accepted? And most importantly WHAT DO I WEAR?!

When we go to class we usually don’t get ready. Some of us just roll out of bed and zombie walk our way to class, some of us dress according to weather and some just don’t go to class at all. But this all changes. You have to look professional at internships.

It’s not about the job you have now but the job you want to have. It’s almost about fooling people. If a customer or client sees you dressed impossibly well they are going to think your have a better position in the company that you might actually have. Dress like your the CEO of the company.

However, there are some guidelines that should always be followed.

1) Ladies, don’t wear too high of heels. There’s office friendly and there’s club sexy. If the heel is over 4 inches don’t wear it. If the shoe is super strapey don’t wear it. If it’s any kind of crazy animal print don’t wear it.

2) Guys, make sure your shirts and pants are ironed. There’s nothing worse then a shirt that looks like its been smashed in the bottom of your drawer for the past year. Gross.

3) Ladies, make sure your skirts are long enough. If your in an office, keep it appropriate. You don’t want to start a bad rep at a potential future job.

4) Guys, make sure your pants are long enough. Take the time to get them tailored or hemmed. At least have one good pair of dress pants that fit your body.

5) Guys and Ladies, buy basic. Such as black sweaters, classic jackets, camisoles and flexible shirts.

6) Guys and Ladies, don’t wear to strong of perfume or cologne.

While dress codes vary at work places, style is still an important aspect. It’s important to develop a style at work. Showing that you care what you look like is an important part of being interested and successful at your job. Being well dressed will give you confidence throughout the day.

Some people suggest that you should dress the way everyone else is dressing. The culture of the office will also determine how you will dress. No matter where you work, quality and fit are two important aspects of workplace style.

During the hot summer months, consider adding linen outfits, or trendy shorts to your wardrobe. Find what looks dressy but feels like your wearing your favorite pair of sweat pants.

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