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SAG Awards- where all my obsessions come together

The SAG Awards mean a little bit more to me than the average person. Because I follow EVERY show, just check my DVR if you don’t believe me. I have at least five unwatched shows on there right now and it’s stressing me out! From everyone’s favorites like Homeland, Game of Thrones and Mad Men, to even the not so great shows like Vampire Diaries (sorry TVD lovers but you know it’s true).

So seeing the actors off screen is always startling to me. Like what, you don’t actually look like your character in real life and you’re not actually dating your co-star?! My on screen romance obsession shattered.

Alas, here is my interpretation of best dressed and worst dressed, and I’ll tell you why.

Kerry Washington, or Olivia Pope from the show Scandal, in Prada.


This honestly upset me. On the show, the Pope is dressed like a chic powerful, hell bringing, goddess. Wearing well tailored suits, trousers, blazers, trench coats and always paired with the perfect classiest heels. Always draped in clean lines, figure flattering shapes, and colors that compliment her gorgeous skin tone. She really just should have stolen something from the Scandal wardrobe, that wardrobe designer is on point.


The skirt is too short for her height. It’s cutting her ankles off at an awkward spot making her upper and lower body disproportionate. And the skirts too tight around he waste. The whole crop top thing should not be happening on the red carpet. The only thing I do like about this look is the color of the crop top against her skin tone.

Best dressed goes to Michelle Dockery, or Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey, wearing J. Mendel.


My, my Lady Mary! On the show were used to seeing her dressed conservative so this was quite a shock, but a good one. Her dress is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine with the tuxedo style top and A-line high slit skirt. The black and white color blocking is totally on trend right now and looks great against her pale complexion. The neckline is deep and daring but in a classy way. She’s showing just enough skin. Her bold rep lip is just the right pop of color to complete the look.

XX- Eder

Photos from Huffington Post

You’re not getting fat, they’re in European sizes.

Luckily for me, but not for my bank account, Zara is a jump, skip and a hop away from Columbia, and has now become one of my favorite places to shop in the city.

I like Zara because every week they have new merchandise in the store and their styles are always clean, classic and sharp. Not to mention us Americans are getting a little insight on how people might be dressing it Europe. Zara, is an Italian based fashion house and has made its way to becoming one of the largest international fashion companies.

I think I’ve had my eye on them more lately since I will be graduating in a few weeks and a lot of their outfits are chic business appropriate. I have already purchased a blazer and slacks from them to wear out on interviews or to my new potential job!

I created a look book (sorta) of what I would wear to my hypothetical job.

The best thing about Zara though is their prices! Everything I’ve picked is under $250… including the jackets!







Hair Envy… we all have it.

My new obsession of the moment

Finding a good online boutique is like hitting the jackpot, well I think that I’ve struck gold. After spending over an hour on Esther, an Australian clothing website, I think I can say I am OBSESSED. But why? Why is it that fashion fanatics love shopping online and wasting away precious hours of the day scrolling through dresses and blouses?

Well, the obvious answer would be boredom. The second would probably be laziness, since you could shop from your bed in your underwear and no one would ever know! -not that I’ve ever done that.

But I honestly think obsessing over an online boutique can bring you culture. The boutique I am currently obsessed with is not in the U.S. and probably wont ever be. *tear* They’re an Australian based clothing line started by a young women named Talita Estelle, who has great style and decided one day to share it. A contributing factor to the difference between Australian styles and American is that they don’t really have a winter, so their clothes don’t get heavy, dark and boring. The second reason is that America is always one step behind in the world of fashion, this gives online shoppers the opportunity to get on track with the rest of the world.

But I truly love their styles, patterns and designs. They’re unique and flattering. I think what popped out to me most was their color pallet. They seem to choose a color theme each time they upload new items and the colors are always skin tone flattering and neutral making them easy to pair with existing apparel. Oh and they make up hilarious names for their clothing, like ‘finders keepers tiny dancer.’

Lastly I would like to say I found this website over a year ago and now they’re insanely popular… called it!

Photos from the Esther site.

Summer Nail Polish Trend

9992430393739509_JPJqFpiO_bWhite nail polish - OPI Alpine snow

PURE WHITE NAIL POLISH.white nail polishSandals + white nail polish.


photos taken from pinterest

Chanel: They’ve Done it Agian

It’s already known that Karl Lagerfeld is a genius. For those who don’t know he is the designer for Chanel. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection is literally a Chanel heaven. This is a great fashion show production execution. The runway is immaculate. Going to a Chanel show isn’t just about looking at the clothes, it’s a performance. Chanel is known for that but I think this season was one of the best so far.

The theme this year focused on being under water. An aquatic wonderland. Gleaming white stingrays and sea horses adrift amongst coral branches and shell on a sandy sea bed. This is a very shocking and bright look. The models looks like magical deep sea angels with pearls scattered in their hair to sea urchin shells on the heels of their sandals.

From a production standpoint it’s amazing. No matter where you are sitting you have a great view. The models walk down multiple sections and cross each other to give everyone in the audience a view of the garment.

What makes Lagerfeld so great is that he stays true to Coco’s iconic styles. He enhances some of the house symbols buy using the pearls as buttons or belts. He worked with innovative fabrics to create the effect of light through water. He used airy waffle-textures organzas and iridescent synthetics, open weave tweeds and knits, and a platte of sea foam, shell pink and mother of pearl created an otherworldly effect. When the final evening dress appears, a giant oyster shell opens to reveal Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machine, and her haunting voice closes a spectacular show.




Photos taken from Google.

Appropriate Wedding Attire, for all you fools.

So you’ve gotten the invitation to the wedding, marked down the date on the calender, start looking around for the wedding gift, then all the sudden it hits you–

what am I suppose to wear?

The wardrobe for proper wedding attire varies from wedding to wedding. But don’t worry, there are some clues so you have to become a little bit of a detective.

First start with the invitation. If it’s using a formal style vocabulary and fancy paper styles, then most likely they expect you to wear something formal and fancy. Does it cheekily ask you to watch them “come get hitched?” Well then wedding guest should look for a more casual outfit. Or it may tell you directly on the invitation- Black Tie, Casual etc.

Next think about where the wedding is set. If it’s outside avoid anything that could get caught in the wind. You won’t want to battle between the wind and your modesty! Avoid high heel shoes that could sink into the sand or grass.

Daytime wedding attire for a lady should be a flowing, loose fitting, dress or skirt. If you decided to wear a suit it should be in light colors, stay away from black or navy or anything that makes it look like your going to the office.

Daytime summer wedding attire for the gentlemen should be a light colored suit and made of light material like linen. However, winter weddings suits should be made of wool and darker colors like navy, charcoal etc. If the invitation says formal wear a dark suit. Tuxedoes are not appropriate before 6 p.m..

For an evening wedding look, a lady should wear a cocktail dress, like going out on a date for dinner. Nothing to sexy but something to dance in. Black is fine. Look for something sophisticated and avoid beads or sequins.

An evening wedding look for a gentlemen.. well a dark suit is always appropriate.

For a black tie wedding a lady should wear a cocktail dress, perhaps floor length. Think, red carpet like. Bring out the beaded purses and jewelry that has been waiting for this kind of event. Black Tie weddings almost always involve dancing so make sure you can move in your dress.

The tuxedo is the only acceptable thing for a man to wear to a Black Tie wedding. If it says “creative black tie,” he should still wear the tuxedo but maybe a black shirt instead of white, or a collarless white shirt.

If you’re afraid you’re going to be under dressed, then you probably will be. So choose to be a little more fancy. If anything, you know you’ll look fabulous no matter what. Oh and the #1 rule: LADIES, DO NOT WEAR WHITE! This tip should be obvious but hey you never know.

But what you should remember is that weddings are suppose to be a good time to celebrate the joining of two families and friends, so don’t ruin it with a bad outfit! 🙂 I am a big fan of BCBG. I feel like you can find a dress for any kind of wedding at their store and the dresses are in a good price range. So below are a few pictures off of their websites of dresses that I believe are wedding appropriate.


Barbara One Shoulder Satin Evening Gown



Alana Long Piped Halter Dress



Blanca Sunburst Long Pleated Dress



Cecile Short Cocktail Dress



Rhea Sleeveless Dress With Peplum Skirt



Jane Beaded Neckline Sleeveless Chiffon Dress



Winnie Printed Shirred Strapless Dress



*One of my favorites*

Gemma Beaded Neckline Draped Dress



Kiara Strapless Printed Silk Gown



Metal Taffeta Cocktail Dress



Sphia Metallic Straw Clutch



Morgan Snake Beaded Clutch



Satin Bow Clutch


Hickey Freeman Charcoal Plaid Worsted Wool Suit

Hickey Freeman Charcoal Plaid Worsted Wool Suit

On sale at Nordstrroms for $999.90

BOSS Black Brown Plaid Wool Suit

Boss Black Brown Plaid Wool Suit

Sale at Nordstorms for $529.90

BOSS Black Three Piece Tuxedo

Boss Black Three Piece Tuxedo

Sale Nordstorms for $599.90

John Varvatos Star USA Plaid Cotton Blazer

John Varvatos Star USA Plaid Cotton

Nordstroms for $199

John W. Nordstrom® Flat Front Linen Trousers

John W. Linen Trousers

Nordstroms for $79.90

My FAVORITE suit for a gentlemen. Yves St. Laurent.

Price requested upon purchase.. which means way to expensive!!

My favorite Black Tie Wedding Dress… if  I had the money.

Ruched Floral Detail Gown by Carmen Marc Valvo

Neiman Marcus for $1,025