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SAG Awards- where all my obsessions come together

The SAG Awards mean a little bit more to me than the average person. Because I follow EVERY show, just check my DVR if you don’t believe me. I have at least five unwatched shows on there right now and it’s stressing me out! From everyone’s favorites like Homeland, Game of Thrones and Mad Men, to even the not so great shows like Vampire Diaries (sorry TVD lovers but you know it’s true).

So seeing the actors off screen is always startling to me. Like what, you don’t actually look like your character in real life and you’re not actually dating your co-star?! My on screen romance obsession shattered.

Alas, here is my interpretation of best dressed and worst dressed, and I’ll tell you why.

Kerry Washington, or Olivia Pope from the show Scandal, in Prada.


This honestly upset me. On the show, the Pope is dressed like a chic powerful, hell bringing, goddess. Wearing well tailored suits, trousers, blazers, trench coats and always paired with the perfect classiest heels. Always draped in clean lines, figure flattering shapes, and colors that compliment her gorgeous skin tone. She really just should have stolen something from the Scandal wardrobe, that wardrobe designer is on point.


The skirt is too short for her height. It’s cutting her ankles off at an awkward spot making her upper and lower body disproportionate. And the skirts too tight around he waste. The whole crop top thing should not be happening on the red carpet. The only thing I do like about this look is the color of the crop top against her skin tone.

Best dressed goes to Michelle Dockery, or Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey, wearing J. Mendel.


My, my Lady Mary! On the show were used to seeing her dressed conservative so this was quite a shock, but a good one. Her dress is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine with the tuxedo style top and A-line high slit skirt. The black and white color blocking is totally on trend right now and looks great against her pale complexion. The neckline is deep and daring but in a classy way. She’s showing just enough skin. Her bold rep lip is just the right pop of color to complete the look.

XX- Eder

Photos from Huffington Post