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Summer Nail Polish Trend

9992430393739509_JPJqFpiO_bWhite nail polish - OPI Alpine snow

PURE WHITE NAIL POLISH.white nail polishSandals + white nail polish.


photos taken from pinterest

Unrelated to fashion: The Life of an Intern

People ask… ‘So what do you do?’ As if being a student full time and working two jobs isn’t good enough, lets throw in an internship. Because us broke college students just love working for free so much. So we show up, get bossed around and work all for what…the experience…the knowledge? Half of these people just want someone to do all their work for them for free so they don’t have to do it and call it a learning experience. I’m all for learning and trying new things but sometimes an intern just snaps. (yes that was a Khloe Kardashian reference)

Like running stupid errands… no I do not want to go to the store for you but I’ll smile,  say yes I’d love to and do it anyways. No I do not want to steam 500 silk scarves and burn my fingers… but sure why not. I’m only paying $20,000 in tuition to learn how to steam garments. Or how about your boss is always late and the ONE time your late you get a lecture. Really.


The only thing keep the interns alive is the possibility of actually being hired and PAID. But let’s face it, that probably won’t happen.