Gaga by Gaultier

“One of Jean Paul Gaultier’s most enduringly charming qualities is the way he incorporates his own loyalties, passions, and (but of course) Frenchness into his collections,” says Tim Blanks from Mens


Jean Paul Gaultier caused shock by using unconventional models for his exhibitions, like older men and full-figured women, pierced and heavily tattooed models, and by playing with traditional gender roles in the shows. This earned him both criticism and enormous popularity.


Gaultier became noticed with celebrities starting in the 90’s with Madonna. He designed her cone shaped bras, lace corsets, and skintight black suits. According to the UK Times, Jean Paul said he offered to make Modanna a “super-special” outfit but she didn’t exactly take him up on his offer. Two days before Modanna’s performance in Paris she calls Jean Paul to tell him to come to New York to help her prepare for her upcoming tour.


In 1997 his costumes for Luc Besson’s cult science fiction film “The Fifth Element” were nominated for a Cesar film award in France. That is the year Jean Paul started to design couture collections in addition to ready to wear. He has explored cultural diversity many times in his long career.


On September 12 Jean Paul did an interview with pop star icon Lady Gaga. Jean Paul has designed many outfits for her. He develops a relationship with the celebrities he designs for. “Gaultier has a knack for musicians and their sartorial desires,” says Lauren  Valenti, Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Vibes.


There is a lot of comparison between the Material Girl and Miss Gaga and it seems Jean Paul has crowned Gaga as the queen of pop. During the interview Gaga and Gaultier discuss fashion and how it can “transcend itself as mere clothing to become a powerful form of visual art and expression.”


Since the 80’s Gaultier has enchanted the fashion world’s imagination with his witty and provocative attitude and humor towards fashion and sexuality. He still captures our imagination and touches us in ways other designers fail to do.


“He communicated our own subconscious desires and un-lived feelings back to us in their own mediums,” says Kat Sark in an article about the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in Montreal.

Gaultier continues to inspire us to live and dream and to express ourselves beyond the confines of the possible, established and acceptable.

The Fifth Element


Lady Gaga:




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