Smart Phone Fashion Apps

I’m always on my phone. Most people think I’m texting but more then half the time I’m messing around with my apps… that’s what the smart phone is for anyways… not really talking with your friends but playing them in words with friends or battle ships.

Anyways, I’ve found some really cool apps for fashion on itunes recently. I love taking picture of my clothes and showing them to people. And if I’m not taking pictures of the clothes I already have I’m taking pictures of designers clothing that I dream of having. Fashion isn’t just about wearing the clothes. It’s about the journey behind them. Like where you bought it, did you get a good deal for it, who else has it.

Pose- is an app that allows you to take pictures and post them. It’s almost like twitter because people can follow you and like your pictures. You can post your own pieces or take pictures while your at the store. The cool thing about this app is that you can see what other people are posting all around the world. The fashion in Chicago is vastly different from Japan’s or even NY’s. You can add the brand name of what you posted, where you got it and the price. There is also a popular page so you can see what the majority of people are “liking.”

F Network- I mostly use this to view fashion shows. It’s all designer like Fendi, Dior, Y-3 etc… but it’s cool because you can watch it anywhere in case you missed the launching of the show. I love watching fashion shows & listening to the music the designers choose. This allows you to see how different each designer is because you literally have 50 designers shows at your fingertips to scroll through.

Vogue Stylist- I’m pretty sure most people already have this app if your into fashion. It’s nice because if you don’t get the magazine you can see pretty much all the pictures on your phone, but there is no editorial content which kinda stinks. But I like this app because you can sort through by choosing a designer you like or choose what piece of clothing your looking for. It’s organized very well and it makes flipping through the pages of a magazine even more simple. You can tag your favorite and go back to them anytime you want.

Shop Kick- This is a new app I just got today. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. It allows you to add your favorite stores and then see what kind of promotions or sales they have going on in the stores at this time. They also allow you to see what’s on sale in your area. But I don’t understand if they’re giving you coupons or if these promotions are only for people who have this app?.. I’ll look into it and repost to let you guys know!

I know there are millions of applications out there for smart phones and finding the right one can be a little confusing. Some of the best fashion apps are made for iphones or blackberry’s yet and only for ipads which also kinda stinks, but hopefully I’ll have an ipad or if not they’ll figure out how to make these apps for my phone! As a fashion lover these are some of the ones I use most often. I hope you take a chance to look at them!

photos from google… thanks google!! where else would they be from?? duh


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