Modern Bohemian for fall 2011

I know it may seem a little early for fall fashion, but the designers are always five steps a head of everyone else panning for next season. Inspiration for modern boho comes from the ’50s beatnik movement. I feel like this look is going to be popular or a while. We’ve been seeing it for a while and it’s coming out more for summer time also. The clothes are figure flattering no matter what size you are. Anyone call pull of a maxi dress. The coloring of the clothes pop against any skin tone. This look is all around very diversital. You could pop into Barney’s and put together an outfit for hundreds of dollars and look fabulous or remake a vintage ensemble from a thrift store and it will look equally fabulous. I look forward to seeing where this trend goes. I’m a fan of it. I’ve got my loose grey and pink floral top on, skinnies and oxfords and couldn’t feel more comfortable and stylish on a school day. This look can go a long way. 

photos from google…durrr


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