My New Obession

Leather Jackets-

They’re a must have for spring. We all see the Burberry wanna be trench coat pop around around spring but I think the leather jacket is much more stylish. They make any look edgy and rough but keeping is classy. And you can wear it with just about every outfit. There’s no right way to wear it either. You can add it to a flowy floral dress or throw it over a white tee.

For an evening out, take your typical date night look to the edge with your leather jacket glammed up with girly items. A short dress, heels, and pearls balance out the tough-girl look of the jacket. Keep him guessing with this blended look.

  • Buy a genuine leather jacket – they’re more expensive, but far more comfortable, look better and last longer
  • Find a modern version of a biker jacket – you want your jacket to be feminine and accentuate your waist, therefore choose a fitted jacket
  • Think long about what you can wear your jacket with – maybe it just doesn’t fit your style and mind-set, however I feel that a biker jacket suits any age, style and outfit, if worn right


ahhh i LOVE my leather jacket. i literally throw it over everything!!

Charlotte xxx

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