Top Trends for Fall 2011

I know spring has just blossomed in Chicago, but fashion is always ten steps ahead of everyone’s closet. I’m letting out these tips now because the best time to look for winter clothes at thrift stores is during the summer. Always buy your fur coat in August.

1) Native Ethnic- Time to let go of any of your previous notions of what fall accessorizing means. Beading on stilettos, prints on sleek evening cluthes, and boots with fringe. This adds a little kick to your everyday wear.

2) Color Block- Don’t throw you bold summer colors to the back of your closet yet, your tri color clothing will be a punchy trend ahead in fall. Mustardy and mulberry 70’s, ruby and royals. 

3) Python- Skins are IN! Prada to Proenza are making the statement with python. 

4) Gloves- New essential. Last winter we saw long and voluminous gloves on more than one runway. They are anything but an after thought. They can pull the whole look together. 

5) Long Earings- Key jewelry piece to purchase this fall. 

6) Winter White- We’re breaking the fashion rule. No white after labor day, its okay to wear white, in fact this season it’s a must!

7) Fur Trim- It was everywhere in last years fall collection and it’s still not going anywhere. 

8) Hats-Some larger than life, some delicately tiny, hats top off almost every look for fall. 

9) Embellished Day-A little glitter goes a long way. It’s coming in to day time looks. Pair a glitter shoe with a plaid suite for work to keep it classy but still sexy enough to wear for drinks after work.

10) Men’s shoe on a heel-Oxfords, Tasseled loafers and brogues! Sturdy high heels raise the bar for the menswear trend


11) Velevt-Rich romantic fabric create a startling yet refreshing effect that is at once delicate and daring

12)Mixed Textures-The best thing about all these lavish materials is the way they look when they’re all put together.

13) Cluthches-The clutch emerged as THE bag for fall. Oversized or structured, even bags with handles are carried as clutches. 



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