“I am John Galliano!!”

John Galliano is one of the designers for Dior, until they fired him. They fired him because of “odious behavior” after he was accused of making racist insults in a drunken rant. “Dirty Jewish face. You should be dead,” Galliano said to have told her. “Your boots are of the lowest quality, your thighs are of the lowest quality. You are so ugly I don’t want to see you. I am John Galliano!”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with laws in France, you aren’t allowed to talk about race. He is being charged with using a racial insult. He broke a law in Paris. Your not allowed to publicly talk about someone’s race or ethnic group.

Some say he needs to draw the line somewhere. The industry gave Galliano to much power and now he feels untouchable. The comments he made but the whole Dior business at stake. It’s a good thing they got rid of him as fast as they did. The day after he made the comments they fired him. They don’t want Gallianos name attached to their clothes.


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