Everyones talking about YSL

This years must see show is Yves St. Laurent. Accessories this year were super high heels, gold jewelry and belts. For Fall 2011, Stefano Pilati did what he does best: He dove head-first into the YSL archives, trawled up a few treasured memories of Yves gone by, and dusted them off for the 21st century.

This season, we’re back in Saint Laurent’s ‘70s heyday, all liquid satin, strict suiting and lashings of fur. Well, mainly that—the above-the-knee checkered wool day dresses, sometimes erupting into volume at the shoulder, and swing-backed coats spoke of those less-iconic Saint Laurent ‘60s. It looked great thigh-high on the sky-high models, but on a woman half their height and twice their width (also known as: a human being) the effect will be less killer, more killing.

Still, Pilati hit his stride in the evening: It’s not generally his strong suit, but today he nailed it with filmy chiffon-overlaid bustier dresses and a “Knights In White Satin” finale of halter-gowns, Smokings and disco diva gold-and-silver platform sandals. More Halston than YSL at times, perhaps, but their slinky, sexy and seductive impact was bang on brand.

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