Need an outfit for a hott date? here are some ideas:

Get Spotted in leopard prints Get your guy’s attention in a good way with one of your fave leopard-print pieces, like this sweet but covered-up top (leave the low-cut and shiny versions at home).

leopard print date outfit
Little red dress. Dial things down a notch with a black blazer and accessoriesif you’re stressed about wearing the va-va-voom color.

red dress date outfit
Nothing’s sexier than showing off your curves—and your confidence—in a fitted mini, especially one that’s got the same sex-ifying effect as a your trusty pair of Spanx! Balance out the fitted bottom with a longer flowy top and sky-high booties.

slim skirt date outfit

Going out to party together? Be the belle of the ball (even if the “ball” means beer hall) in a pair of fun, get-me-noticed pants that’ll show you’ve got a personality to match.

sparkly leggings date outfit

Mix and match your prints. He won’t be able to get enough of your unexpected look—or your killer one-liners. For a quirky but totally wearable mixed-print outfit, choose basic patterns that share a similar color palette.

mini skirt date outfit

The statement maxi-dress. For maximum impact with minimum stress, opt for a patterned maxidress. (Hint: To avoid the tent-y look, try a cinched version.)

maxi dress date outfit

The desk-to-dinner-dress. Eliminate weekday-date-outfit freak-outs by keeping things simple. Do the black-and-white color combo thing.

office appropriate date outfit

Channel your inner biker babe. Edgy accessories (think biker-babe studs and a little leather) paired with a bright-color bag.

biker chic date outfit

Change up your go-to dress. Seems simple but adding a vest (think leather, denim or military-inspired) to your wear-anywhere cotton dress is an easy way to change up one of your favorite wardrobe staples.

cotton dress date outfit
Cute cropped jacket. Not sure where your date is taking you? Pair your favorite skinny jeans with a tweedy jacket and you’ll be ready for anything—

cropped jacket date outfit


When it doubt… go all black. We all have those “nothing is looking good” moments, but here’s something that will—an all-black ensemble. It’s smart, ultra chic and majorly cool.

all black date outfit


One response to “Need an outfit for a hott date? here are some ideas:

  • gram

    You speak fashion-language very well, Steph. I like the
    ideas and upbeat tone of this. All you need is a few more apostrophes. When we have time, I’ll show you where to put them.

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