Raw vs. Washed denim

Dry or raw denim, as opposed to washed denim, is a denim fabric that is not washed after being dyed during its production. Overtime, denim will generally fade, which is often considered desirable. During the process of wear, it is typical to see fading on areas that generally receive the most stress, which includes the upper thighs (whiskers), the ankles (stacks) and behind the knees (honey combs).

After created into an article of clothing, denim is washed to make it softer

and to reduce shrinkage which could cause an item to not fit after the owner washes it. In addition to being washed, non-dry denim is sometimes artificially “distressed” to achieve a worn look.

With dry denim the fading is affected by the body of the person who wears the jeans and the activ

ities of his or her daily life. This creates a more natural, unique look than a pre-distressed denim. To get this l

ook, some wearers of dry denim will sustain from wa

shing their jeans for more then six months.

Usually denim like 7 for All Mankind and Rock and Republic jeans go through a series of washing process to give them the worn look. That’s why there so comfortable when you buy them. Buying pre-washed denim will cost more money then buying a pair of raw jeans. Here are a few places where you can buy raw denim jeans: Aqui Boutique, ASOS, BB Harris, Bill Hallman, Bluebee, Denim Bar, FOS5, Guisestore, Jack & Mabel, Jake.




























Photo Credit to Google.

Info from Documentary on jeans called Blue

Gold: American Jeans



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