Eleven Colors, Paris

Eleven Colors is a small boutique at 3 rue de Tirbigo in Paris, France. As of now they only have a store in Paris and are not known in America.

On a fashion news website call Fashion Buyer UK, Eleven Paris was featured in a brand spotlight. Fashion Buyer UK provides a guide to the merchandise trends lighting up the radar for UK buyers.

The reporter, who goes by the name Khabi, features the Eleven label called Bread and Butter. “Great product. Looking distinctive yet wearable,” Khabi said.

“A subtle re-interpr

etation of 1980s looks means dancefloor sweats for women, as are oversized T-shirts with slashed necks and low dropping armholes,” he said.

“The brand stays true to it’s rock n’ roll style keeping military shirts and jackets providing a slightly harder edge,” Khabi said.

To keep the rock n’ roll young and fresh, Eleven had invited Golnaz Adham Khazei to be the menswear designer for the company to make the collection stronger. “Usually people have to do months of internships and transfer designers before they get hired. I was very lucky,” Khazei said.

Most people think of Paris fashion designers like Chanel and Dior but there are thousands of underground designers that deserve to recognized.

Eleven’s website posted their campaign for Spring 2011 and the reviews so far have been positive. “Very funny and cute, beautiful clothes. I like it!,” said blogger named IntheendIamrock.

Khazei interned at the co

uture designer Givenchy. “Usually at couture houses they treat you like slaves,” she said. Even though she had an intern with Givenchy she said she always had a plan b.

“I mastered menswear design. It’s less creative and more technical,” Khazei said. She said that women will wear anything if it’s in style and trendy even if it’s not comfortable.

But for guys they care about how it feels more then how it looks. “Pattern design is much harder for men then women,” Khazei said.

Khazei said she loves rock n’ roll. “That’s where I get my inspiration from,” she said. Khazei was dressed in all black, rings on every finger and a mohawks paired with bright red lip stick. “I think it’s really sexy when men wear skirts,” she said while laughing.

She talked about the brand when it first started. “It’s very young. Everyone who works here is under 30,” she said.

She also said that they had some problems in the beginning. “People were stealing our designs, but it was kind of a good thing because it showed pe

ople liked our styles,” Khazei said.

Eleven is currently not in the U.S.. Khazei said they want to become really big in Europe first and then branch out.


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