A little bit about me

Helloooooo ♥

My names Stephanie but everyone calls me Eder or Ed. Weird… I know. I love chocolate and I have a huge sweet tooth which is a problem around swim suit season. My favorite thing in the ENTIRE WORLD is my dog 🙂 His name is Sharp, after Patrick Sharp on the Blackhawks. I’m a big hockey fan. Going to games at the United Center in the city are always a good time. Anyways back to my dog! He’s a Pappillon, I got him from Florida almost two years ago. It’s strange but he’s really there for me. He’s always happy and hyper so whenever I had a bad day he cheers me up. We all need something like that in our lives.

More about me…I ramble sometimes, I don’t like when people stare at me and I don’t like being the center of attention. I have an online shopping addiction. I truly believe laughter is medicine. Oh and my favorite color is purple. I love my family, we’re all really close. I love being in the city, there’s always something fun happening and it’s a good network for fashion. I just love the atmosphere of Chicago.

So the reason I created this blog was for fashion. Everything about fashion I love. It’s crazy and not so glamour all the time but the work and time put into the shows and clothes etc. is astounding! Some people think clothes and fashion is superficial and in this blog I want to show them what’s going on behind the runway. But I will diffidently be posting new trends and pics and video.

So make sure you check in and find out what I’m blogging about… you won’t be disappointed.


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